PCOD & Hair Loss: Causes, Treatments

PCOD & Hair Loss: Causes, Treatments

A receding hair line, a change in volume can sometimes occur due to hormonal imbalances and the most common of these is PCOS. 

What Causes Hair Loss With PCOS?

An overabundance of testosterone or androgen, the male hormones, her hair may become thin or brittle, and begin to fall out without being immediately replaced. This can happen to women who have PCOS, have given birth recently, or are menopausal. 

Things You Can At Home To Combat PCOS Induced Hair Loss

  1. Omega acids help to keep the skin of the scalp healthy so that hair can grow quickly. Make most of avocados, fish, nuts and seeds or take a daily omega supplement.
  2. Biotin is a B vitamin that is essential for healthy hair growth. 
  3. If your fingernails are brittle and often split, chip, and crack, consider a daily keratin supplement to protect both your nails and your hair!
  4. Switch to a nourishing shampoo and conditioner in one, and see a dermatologist if you have dandruff rather than using a drying shampoo for this condition.
  5. Nourishing oils also keep your scalp healthy so that you can grow hair again naturally. Massage your hair and scalp with vitamin E oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil; put on a shower cap so the oils can be absorbed over several minutes, then wash your hair as usual.
  6. Using an overly hot hair dryer will dry the skin of your scalp. Use the cool setting of your dryer and be sure you keep it several inches from your scalp when in use. 
  7. Consider ways of managing stress, including yoga, exercise, meditation. 

Prescription treatments for hairfall

1 . Minoxidil, for hair growth and is commonly used for FPHL or female pattern hair loss. It is to be applied topically on areas with scanty hair growth to stimulate the growth of new follicles. 
2. Another such ingredient is Finasteride. From usage to results, finasteride has had very similar effects to minoxidil.

Dermatological Treatments

1. PRP: Platelet rich plasma therapy uses the patient’s own blood to increase hair growth. The plasma or liquid gold, as some may call it, is then injected back into scanty parts of your head. This goes on for about 4-6 sessions and patients see an increase in hair growth.

2. Mesotherapy: In a typical session of mesotherapy, you’re injected (on your scalp directly) with a cacophony of growth factors with biotin, zinc, amino acids. These promise to encourage the hair’s natural growth phase.

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