Achieve Naturally Plump Lips with Lip Filler

Achieve Naturally Plump Lips with Lip Filler

A lip filler is your one-way ticket to volumize your lips and make them look naturally plump and beautiful — read on to explore how! 

Lip fillers have garnered extreme popularity globally in the last few years due to the sheer number of celebrities and influencers that have undergone this procedure. In popular culture parlance, fuller looking lips are synonymous with the celebrity Kylie Jenner as she arguably ushered in a new generation to this treatment. Having publicly shared her experience with lip filler, the youngest of the Jenner clan has made it a common trend among women of all ages. Interestingly, post this globalization of lip filler, it now fabricates a much more natural result than it used to. “Naturally plump lips using lip fillers” may sound like an oxymoron, but if one observes the trajectory of lip fillers over the years, the reasoning behind the sentence becomes perfectly logical. For the most part, lip fillers have gone from big, overdone, sometimes flawed, almost false looking lips to soft, naturally, plump lips that enhance the overall features of the face. The former was largely done to adhere to a specific standard of beauty that pervaded the generation, however, now things are changing. Earnestly natural features have become the new normal and people are looking to enhance their features, not change them. In light of this, let’s explore how to achieve naturally plump lips using lip filler. 

Do your research

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While the process of undergoing a lip filler treatment isn’t rocket-science, it is best to do your research and understand the treatment thoroughly before going ahead with it. A lip filler is essentially an injectable that is used to increase the volume, size, and/or shape of your lips temporarily. In the recent past, the options of fillers have expanded much beyond collagen to a variety of dermal fillers. The most popular injectables in light of this include ones that have a hyaluronic acid-base, such as Restylane and Juvederm. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar that is naturally produced by your body. It is attracted to water and binds moisture, which helps the lips even out quickly. While collagen works by plumping, hyaluronic acid works by both plumping as well as retaining moisture for a more natural effect. As such, lip filler with hyaluronic acid injectables is a completely safe treatment that rarely has any side effects. It is a fairly easy, relatively quick, minimally-invasive procedure that has very little downtime and almost instant results. 

What to expect

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The procedure is simple, during the treatment your medical practitioner will apply a numbing cream to the area and lightly inject your upper and lower lip proportionately in accordance with your thickness preference. Once the desired thickness has been achieved, the procedure is over. The whole process takes anywhere between 15-20 minutes. A few days of bruising and swelling is completely normal, after which the full effects can be visible. The best part about this treatment is that it can be easily undone and dissolved. 

Much like all other treatments, the key to avoid pillowy and overdone lips is to get your lip filler done by a reputed and experienced medical professional to ensure best and realistic results. In fact, all successful lip filler procedures take place only after close consultation with a highly-experienced medical professional who focuses on your individual needs with the procedure being customised to your face. An expert environment sculpts the ideal image, so that the results look as attractive and natural as possible, as opposed to looking overdone. It is always recommended to schedule a consultation with your doctor prior to the procedure so that you can prepare for it, discuss your goals, and inform your doctor about your medical history. 

A thorough research on your part and consultation at a reputable clinic will ensure a smooth treatment process. With a light hand and the correct injectable, you can get effortless and naturally plump lips.

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