Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta talks about her PCOD journey

Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta talks about her PCOD journey

Hello everyone, Today I’m going to share my experience with PCOS, and how my resilience, will power and lifestyle helped me handle PCOS, weight gain, fertility and pregnancies. I was detected with PCOS when I was prepping for my medical exams. I was around 17, and I weighed 77-80 kg. With 12-14 hours of studying, I led a sedentary lifestyle. Add to that, my sweet tooth and my mom’s extraordinary baking skills, it was quite an unhealthy combination! I remember shopping for my college wardrobe, and I recall trying 36-inch jeans and thinking to myself…THIS IS NOT RIGHT for my age!

It was only when I started having discerning facial hair that my elder sister said I needed to be evaluated for PCOS. I consulted an endocrinologist who put me on heavy medication, including steroids. I wasn’t informed about the side effects of the medication and living in a small city back then, and I had no access to a dietician or nutritionist.

But my mom put me on a fitness routine. Without realising that my knees can’t bear an intense cardio workout, I took it up quite enthusiastically. Soon, I sprained my back and ankle. Then, I met a yoga instructor with whom I started slowly learning a few asanas, and till date, I practise yoga.

I was very confident as a kid, but my facial hair started bothering me as they were very unnatural and covered my lower face. Slowly, I started noticing stretch marks on my body too. I must emphasise, PCOS was very new and there weren’t any professionals to guide me. On a trip to Delhi, I came across a book on nutrition… and that was my introduction to diet and its impact on hormonal balances like PCOS. I understood the basics like “eating fruit is better than juice. Initially, I used to drink 2 glasses of orange juice, thinking it’s a good source of vitamin C.

I entered medical school and got encouraged further to study more on the subject. It was in medical school that I realised my first doctor had put on hormonal medications along with steroids without sharing complete information. I didn’t know it was imperative not to skip meds and slowly discontinue to avoid addiction or Cushing’s syndrome, a common side effect of using steroids. I was devastated and that when I got diagnosed hypothyroid at the age of 18! That was a huge wakeup call for me.

I started consulting a renowned endocrinologist in Delhi who studied my case correctly and put me on appropriate medication. I was also more informed this time and made simple, but effective changes in my diet. I worked out (despite my weak back) , took care of my diet, and my body started to recover.

Simple changes in diet that can lead to big changes:-

A low carb intake Eating leafy greens, vegetables, seasonal fruits, green juices and smoothie bowls

Reducing wheat, sugar, dairy products

Supplements as well as nuts, seeds

I was on medication like Metformin and OCP for a long time but it did benefit me.

Fertility and PCOD

During my college years, some doctors did bring up infertility which worried my parents. My relatives even suggested I get married earlier in case I need assistance like IUI or IVF. But it was my commitment towards my diet and my workout routine that kept me going. I was blessed with two babies without any fertility treatments, and even the weight I gained in every pregnancy (25 kilos), was lost naturally. To this day, I take medicine for hypothyroidism, but PCOD is under control.

I hope this post inspires you to manage your diet and lifestyle. Stay tuned to more expert discussions that’ll help you become a PCOD warrior.

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