3 Reasons To Start Facial Massages, Now!

3 Reasons To Start Facial Massages, Now!

How facial massages can benefit your skin. Plus, the products and tools to use.

There are few things as indulgent as a face massage, especially after a long, tiring day. While you may think that a face massage only helps rejuvenate your skin and gives it a much needed pick-me-up, the benefits of a face massage are actually more than one. There are multiple ways to go about a face massage if you are trying it for the first time. Either you can book an appointment at a clinic or salon, or you can do it yourself at home using some tools and even your fingers! 

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Here are three scientific reasons why I absolutely love indulging in a face massage. 

  1. The technique of a face massage dates back thousands of years and has been passed down generations. The main focus of such a massage are the lymph nodes behind the ears and on the neck. When these nodes get blocked, the lymphatic drainage of the face becomes inactive leading to dull skin and complexion. 
  1. Massaging the face increases blood flow to the area. Increased blood circulation means increased oxygen and nutrients, which inevitably makes the facial skin healthy and glowing. 
  1. Perhaps, one of the most important benefits of a face massage, and why everyone loves adding them to their self-care routines, is the fact that they help release muscle tension. Our daily lives and the associated stress from it leads to knots and tensions in our muscles. This is noticeable on our face as the texture becomes rough and over-firm. When you indulge in a face massage, the movement works away these knots and eases the tensions, similar to a body massage. Regular face massage tones and lifts your skin, keeping it healthy, bright, and radiant. 
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You can always incorporate a face massage at home, in your daily skincare routine. Use your fingers to warm up your favourite product, which can be either a serum (we recommend the Dr. G Hydra Cool Plumping Serum or the Dr. G Active C Serum, depending on your skin concern) or a moisturiser, such as the Dr. G HA Intense Moisturiser. Massage your face in an upward direction using your fingers. How you apply your serum or moisturiser is actually integral to the routine and definitely has an effect on the efficacy of the product and massage. 

If you want a professional, spa-like treatment at home and your face massage to show effective results, you can opt for some tools to amp up your massage. Here are some tools that are great for at-home face massages.

  • Jade Roller – The Dr. G Rose Roller is a luxury jade roller that is designed to promote lymphatic drainage and stimulate the blood circulation in your face. The jade crystals are incredibly relaxing and calm your skin while also minimizing puffiness. It is recommended to cool your jade roller by putting it in a skincare refrigerator to maximize the relaxing and calming effect. 
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  • Gua Sha – The Dr. G Butterfly Gua Sha is a luxury gua sha designed to lift and sculpt your face. This wellness tool also drains lymph nodes and reduces puffiness of the face. It improves the appearance of dark circles and helps de-puff the under eyes as well. A gua sha is a great tool for an indulgent and effective face massage that will make your skin radiant, healthy, and toned. 
  • Uplift Massager – The Dr. G Uplift Massager is a unique tool that  has hexagonal structure, encrusted with 30 massaging stones containing germanium powder. It helps to tighten and firm the skin leaving it energized and enhanced. This tool can also be used on the body. 
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  • Vibrating massager – The Dr. G Face Sculpt Plus is a vibrating massager that boosts blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It is made up of jade which helps reduce wrinkles and contributes to youthful skin. The massager helps alleviate stress and also minimizes puffiness.   

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